Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oracle-XE plus Linux = ? (Day One)

So, I was very impressed with the initial documentation on the integration of Oracle-XE (the free rdbms available from Oracle) and Linux.  Installation was supposed to be simply a single line call to the Ubuntu software libraries through the "apt-get install" command. It has turned out to be more lengthy of a task (try at least one working day) with lots of implied steps in between.

Still, I am glad I have chosen this route because the documentation, though scattered is very comprehensive.  It has been a challenge to pick up, select and connect various units of working instructions for different parts of the installation... from different sources.

So far, I have prepared my platform, which mostly the base requirements to run XE on any system:
  1. Ubuntu Linux installation 14.04 via a virtual machine system partition set up on my host OS (my workstation).  it has assigned 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of disk space and one cpu unit of computing power.
  2. Assigned swap space for extra capacity and extended a dedicated disk partition for storage of the Oracle database instance.
At present, I am downloading the XE software for 11gR2.  That will be the version used in this ongoing discussion for this installation.  So far, things look good.  I can really appreciate an organized installation methodology. 

It helps to know where you can find everything and what you named it at the time it was installed.  Believe me, it looks like it will be the deciding factor of whether to move onward, or to chuck it and start over (ouch).

Onward.  More soon.
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