Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'll Be Done and Broke...

Before a Machine Takes My Place

This is a real sentiment told in the form of a tall tale.  Not many believed it, but there's a story behind in deified disguise.

Why'd you choose Socrates?  I thought it was supposed to be Solomon?

Socrates from the Greek Civilization brings knowledge of the Oracle with Delphi, given you have a compatible OS at your system. (Either or both)

Well, you get both.  Now explain that this won't fly without an additional blessing...

For your team, you have the option to go Solo, mon.  One display? OK.

Mr. Henry?  Do you expect any backlash from the alternative quote from your heroic statement?

Commander Rainbow Cupcake is finshed baking.  The Lieutenant is also here.  Can you explain why we're working next door to the galley?

Congratulations, you've obtained the command line.
There is only one 'tenant, so you'll be stationed on the grid.  Internet enabled features are also at your side. (ref. 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g).

More Java?
Less please.

And why do you choose the pink calculator for your assist?


You mean this challenge instance?

Instance?  You mean there's more than this?
I think so.  Check with the Commander and the Lieutenant.  They have more cupcakes where the first ones came from.  Have a bite.  It's lunch time.

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